Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin

Does anyone else feel like the holidays have just snuck up on you?
I know this happens every year. That it's a surprise every time probably says something about me. But, seriously, Thanksgiving JUST ended and...Oh. my. This Sunday...yes, that would be tomorrow...marks the beginning of Advent. Which means it's time to pull out the Advent calendars and start counting down to Christmas. As a child, I loved Advent Calendars. My mom would buy the ones with pictures and candy behind them, and my sister and I were thrilled to open them each day to see what was behind the little door.
When Levi was a wee little thing, I bought a pretty wood advent calendar at an after Christmas sale. It's beautiful and will definitely be used and loved, but the make it yourselfer in me is currently debating whether or not to make my own. I have no idea what any little boy needs with two Advent calendars, but I am so itching to stitch one up. I thought I'd share a few links to some Advent calendar know just in case any of you are still debating (the day before Advent begins) whether or not to make one.

:: How stinkin' adorable is this matchbox calendar from Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, Levi would have this one demolished in a nanosecond. Martha has a whole bunch more cute Advent calendars here.

:: This paper chain idea is an extra simple one that kids are sure to enjoy.

:: And, here's a not so simple chain idea that I'm seriously considering for next year. I love that it incorporates daily activities.

:: This one makes me grin super-duper big.

:: I love the knitting needle hanger on this beauty from the Purl Bee.

:: Oooo...and then there's this one from Stitch/Craft with little ornaments to stick on a felt tree. Do you think I could whip that up in one night? Hmmmm....

:: Pickles' fabric cones would be a wonderful addition to a fireplace know if I actually had one of those.

:: And, last but not least, who could resist the recycled cuteness of Maya Made's toilet paper roll calendar?

So, how do you and your munchkins mark down the days to Christmas?


  1. I've always adored the paper chain idea!

  2. We are celebrating advent with a mix of activities and little gifts marking down each day ... help with the anticipation!

  3. Yes, sneaky Holidays! You'd think eventually I would catch on, but year after year I find myself so unprepared...

    Martha's matchbox calendar is SO adorable! :)

  4. The not so easy chain with activities is ADORABLE. I may just have to use that - NEXT year.

  5. We usually get an Advent calendar from church but we didn't go this morning so I guess we won't get one this year!

  6. I don't know why, but every year that passes as I get older the more I don't like decorating and all that comes with "Christmas".

    I begrudging decorated tonight. I wish I could get past this. Or figure out why it is I feel this way. I used to LOVE it, even up to several years ago.


  7. Adorable....I love homemade calendars!! Finally threw together an easy one here this year too...they make it more exciting don't they


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