Saturday, September 13, 2014

Knit And Sew

 Crafting has been slow going since Joshua was born thanks to a bout with postpartum carpel tunnel. I've gotten carpel tunnel while pregnant, but this was the first time I'd ever gotten it after. It's finally nearly gone, so my knitting pace has sped up a bit. Naturally matching sweaters for my boys were the first things on my to do list. I put the buttons on Joshua's today, and I've gotten a decent way into knitting Levi's. I'm glad he got a little brother while he's still at an age where he thinks matching outfits are cool.
Winter sweater for Joshua. Finished. Except for blocking. I'm waiting until I finish Levi's matching sweater to do that.  
I love the buttons. Wish I could have found enough for both boys to have these.  

Next on my list is a quilt for Joshua. I've got the fabrics, and a basic idea of what I want to do. (Inspired by this.) I just have to work out exactly how I want things, and then get to stitchin'.
Working out a design for Joshua's quilt.  

I'm pretty sure that I just want one large, off centered star, but then I saw this quilt with multiple stars, and I'm starting to feel a bit uncertain. I think I'll sleep on it. 
 P.S. The sweater is the Andalusia, and I knit it up in some Beaverslide Mule Spun yarn.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Three Months

 Our little man turned 3 months old a few days ago. He's discovering the fun of laughing and flying and having raspberries blown on his tummy. And as long as he has socks on his feet and is not being subjected to a car ride then he's a pretty chill little fella. We're having a blast getting to know him, and I think he's beginning to enjoy getting to know us too....well, except for when big sister squeezes him too hard or tries to play catch and throws something at his head. Yikes. It's a hard job being the fourth baby!

Sophia's Family Portrait

Sophia's Portrait of Our Family  
 Family Portrait by Sophia
aka The Dancing Potato Heads

Sophia has just begun to waiver between the world of scribbles and the world of representational drawing. Today she brought this quirky picture to me, and proudly declared that it was a picture of our family "for Uncle Jack and Mimi, so they will remember us." I love how lively her figures they're dancing in a circle.