Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy's Day

Levi drew turkeys on some of his Valentine cards. His explanation was pretty much priceless: "This is a boy turkey like me, and they have GREAT courtship dances!"
Well, alrighty then. Who knew turkeys were more than just a Thanksgiving thing?

We had a super lovely Valentine's day complete with balloons, cards, presents, lunch with BawBaw and Nanno, cookie making, game playing, and a nap for the littlest one (the first in a couple of days...teething is rough). The kids declared it to be the very best Valentine's Day ever.

Hope y'all had a wonderful and love filled day as well!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow And A Nearly 22 Week Baby Bump

Yesterday morning we woke up to snow. It was a first for Sophia and Lillian, and a looooong awaited day for Levi. We could barely convince them to stay inside until the wind died down and the snow quit falling quite as hard.

Eventually there was no holding them back. We bundled them up in layer upon layer, and headed outside where they immediately started playing and making snow angels.

Lucky us! Stephan was off of work that day. Of course, the first thing he did was instigate a snowball fight!

Within 15 minutes everyone was ready to head inside. On the way into the house Levi and Sophia pulled their gloves off and touched the snow. This resulted in tears and wails. "My hands! They hurt!" Levi was sure he was going to lose his precious digits to frostbite. Poor Lillian was already uncertain about all that white, cold stuff. This pretty much confirmed her suspicions that it was not a good thing.
The rest of the day was spent playing, watching movies, baking, and sipping on hot chocolate. There was one more brief snow outing, but the freezing cold pretty quickly drove us back inside.

And, here's the reason I haven't blogged in forever and a very long time.

I am finally finished with the worst of the first trimester misery (that went well into the second trimester). This has been by far the most uncomfortable of my pregnancies. The second trimester isn't exactly shaping up to be too fabulous either, but at least it comes with lots of tiny baby kicks. Those always remind me of what an incredible blessing and gift pregnancy is.

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Our sweet Aunt Othalyne passed away this week. Although we are so sad to see her leave this world, we are rejoicing in knowing that she has found peace and everlasting life with Jesus.

"And the effect of righteousness will be peace,
    and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever."

~Isaiah 32:17